The statistic is particularly sobering in light of the devastating hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico last year, where local independent or family-owned restaurant companies have felt the debilitating consequences of natural disasters together with their surrounding communities. Retrieval for affected restaurants is often not as straightforward as picking up the bits and opening up shop once more.Properly supporting the rebound of your restaurant demands you to are able to perform three critical things: mention a thorough history of company activity, correctly assess the damages you have experienced and employ some flexibility in navigating the transitional period. With some help from the tablet-to-cloud POS system, you can channel these 3 suggestions to pave a reliable, educated path to getting back your restaurant on course.

Knowing Your Background

Disaster or not, with a clear view of how your restaurant functions, its earnings and performance is crucial. In case of a catastrophe however, the value of historic information increases exponentially. Having a list of what has and has not worked in your restaurant, what sells and what does not, what times you find the most visitors, customer insights — all of these are areas which could be crucial in informing your approach as you rebuild and work on getting back online.

Beyond the value it brings to your own recovery efforts, this sort of information is also beneficial in regards to support programs. The ability to easily report information regarding previous earnings, performance trends and more, can provide useful transparency when engaging in government assistance programs designed to reimburse you for losses.

Additionally, that data is available no matter the condition of your bodily restaurant location. Due to a cloud-based POS, you can recover all of the information you need right when you need it — a remarkable advantage when contemplating the vulnerability of paper documents or local servers.

But the 3 toes turned out to be six — inducing those servers to be lost together with the valuable information they saved. Together with your cloud-based POS, you can circumvent such dangers to your restaurant in case of a catastrophe — and always have your background on the record.

If your restaurant has been affected by a hurricane or alternative catastrophe, it is vital to have an understanding of what was missing. The damages to your company must be assessed, in addition to their value — from each piece of broken furniture to each piece of missing stock. It’s essential to have the ability to establish what perished in the pantry, what will not be reusable by the time you’re in a position to reopen your doorways and just how much of it cost you.

Unlike other companies, restaurants deal in stock that primarily includes meals, which spoils at a much faster frequency. These are questions that you will want an answer for — along with your POS system can help in the procedure.

Throughout your POS solution, you can leverage the historic view to see precisely what stock levels were at before and after a catastrophe. You may use that information as a basis to determine exactly where and how your restaurant was affected. The resulting findings assist you report your losses with confidence to your insurer — or to government assistance programs — to make sure your restaurant’s route to recovery receives appropriate aid.

Implementing Much-Needed Versatility

In the aftermath of a catastrophe, it would be a mistake to imagine you could return to business as usual that the minute you receive your restaurant up and running again. What can not be forgotten is that the effects of a disaster is felt by the whole community and neighborhood your restaurant is part of — thus getting your business back online does not necessarily equate to a return to normalcy.

Together with the surrounding environment changed, you will need to care for your restaurant like it is a completely new organization. Looking ahead after a disaster, you have to have the ability to examine your business operation and make adjustments on the fly. Versatility gets key for success. Leveraging the insights yielded by your tablet-to-cloud POS, it’s possible to closely evaluate transaction and earnings data, cut out what do not appear to be doing well for you, identify areas of opportunity and capitalize where it counts. Such transparency to how your business is working can also equip you with the perspective required to specify an adjusted budget for the months or weeks your restaurant is forced offline or needed to operate on an unnatural schedule.

Additionally, flexibility takes on new significance given the emerging trends reshaping customers’ relationships with restaurants. By way of instance, it’s possible that cellular and online food ordering and delivery see a spike in action after a disaster, believing they can function as a necessity or benefit for individuals whose houses or living situations are disrupted. Through integrated capabilities to support such requests in your POS, you can easily meet that demand. Even if your restaurant is not yet prepared to be available for customers in its physical place — provided that your kitchen is in working shape, you might have the chance to offset lost revenues by maintaining online order and delivery solutions for the duration of the recovery period.

The bottom line following a disaster affects your company is as straightforward as this: each day your restaurant is not online, you are unfortunately at an increasing disadvantage. The most recent POS solutions come loaded with features that permit you to automate reordering for materials and stock from the various vendors — if the information is telling you to brace for a serious hurricane, you can be certain that you adjust those orders beforehand to reduce potential waste, or cancel them completely if needed.

Another understated but important feature of your POS solution: the technology partner supplying it. With the perfect partner, you can expect reliable customer service to guide you through each the above, each step along the way — especially in the wake after your restaurant was affected by a disaster. But with a little help from the POS platform, all of the hard parts can become the simplest — and you can quickly track your restaurant’s road to recovery.


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